PRESS RELEASE: Local Radio for Larne could be Coming

After nearly a year broadcasting online 24/7, Radio Larne has been given the opportunity by OFCOM, to apply for a licence to operate a full-time FM Community Radio Station, with a view to serving the population of Larne town and the surrounding villages.

If this application is successful, the facility should be up and running by mid to late 2020. At that point in time, ‘Radio Larne’ will cease to exist and the new FM station will be rebranded as Coast Radio. The

Lewis McAdam the station founder and director in the main studio of Radio Larne at Inver Park.

station itself will have no major changes and will sound much the same as the online based station ( including features like, the community diary, local news and locally produced radio shows as well as covering many local events across Larne and the surrounding area.

The station will offer something that previously, has been unavailable in the Larne area. Coast Radio will be run as a not-for-profit organisation, and for the benefit of the town, surrounding villages and local people.

The station founder and director Lewis McAdam said: “Over the past few months there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes from the planning to the writing of the application. A local full time FM community station would become the voice of the Larne area by publicising local up-coming events, highlighting and giving air-time to both new and established talent from the area and indeed giving an over view of tourism and the commercial life in the area.

Some of the volunteers from Radio Larne at the Launch in August 2016.

“We are appealing to you, the general public, for your assistance on this matter. The station will be run by volunteers and we want to make Radio Larne/Coast Radio work and become an important aspect of our community. Therefore, we are calling on YOU!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local people and businesses who have shown their support and given feedback for the application. I also want to thank the current volunteers on the station for the work they put in to make sure that they create good and reliable local radio content.

Mark Dobbin chatting to guest Johanna Johnston from Uplift during an interview.

“I would also like to say a sincere ‘THANK YOU’ to the Chairman and Board of Larne Football Club who have provided us with the premises and also for the unconditional support they have given us over the past 12 months”

Radio Larne started broadcasting online at in August 2016, and was set up by local teenager Lewis McAdam, who has been involved in broadcasting from the age of 9 on internet and community based stations in different areas in the UK. Other members of the Radio Larne team also have many years of experience in radio and business.

Lewis also stated: “We are celebrating one year of broadcasting this month. Everyone involved in Radio Larne is looking forward to hopefully broadcasting for another year online. There are more plans for the station later in the year so keep an eye on our social media pages”.

You can get involved with Radio Larne by contacting Lewis McAdam, by email – [email protected] or by calling/texting – 07895879307.